Why I’m Here

I just had a nice dream.  I was running a non-profit organization helping under-privileged, inner city youth.  I was teaching them how to build, market, and monetize their own websites, hopefully giving them a chance to earn on their own right.  A couple other kids were practicing their video game skills, hoping to make the majors, major league gaming, that is (oh yeah it’s a real thing).  It doesn’t matter what they might be into, I preach to them these three rules.

1. Find Your Passion – What lies beneath?  In a moment you will be taken away from here, stripped of everything and everyone.  You are now alone, afraid, in the cold night.  Stop and sit with that.  Pause.  Now return.  What are you happy to have back?  What missed opportunity can you now get to work on?

2. Dedicate Yourself To It - Undoubtedly you will have a dream or aspiration tied to your passion.  To make this dream come true you must dedicate yourself to it.  This passion must be planted inside you, a small beautiful plant, in rich, fertile soil.  Such a small seedling can become such a large thing.

3. Practice A Little Each Day – All it takes is a little effort each day to water this plant.  Even if for only five minutes a day, this will be enough.  When you practice everyday, you are telling your mind, your body, and your world that this is important, and you want your dream to come true.

Most of the parents think I am a bit of a hippie or slightly off my rocker, but they don’t mind too much because I provide a nice environment after school, and their kids get free internet to work on their homework.  A couple of parents though, when they shake my hand, they hold on for an extra moment, and their eyes light up.  Maybe I should get some volunteers in here.

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